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When you use our services, you’re trusting us with your information and we understand this is a big responsibility and work hard to protect it. This policy statement is meant to help you understand what information we collect and how we use it.

Terms of service

We know it’s tempting to skip these Terms of Service, but it’s important to establish what you can expect from us as you use our services, and what we expect from you. These Terms of Service reflect the way Learnademy works, the laws that apply to our company, and certain things we’ve always believed to be true.

Our Technology

At Learnademy, we pursue ideas and products that will revolutionize online learning. As a company that acts responsibly, we work hard to make sure any innovation is balanced with the appropriate level of privacy and security for our users. Our Privacy Principles help guide decisions we make at every level of our company.

Terms of service and privacy policy

The user warrants that all the information that they provide to EduOnline is correct and accurate to the best of their knowledge. The user further warrants that phone number and email addresses provided, are written correctly and EduOnline, will be under no legal obligation to make verifications.

The user commits indemnity for any kind of loss or damage incurred by the user or third parties resulting from all the information provided for any purpose to EduOnline.

The user will be required to provide proof of identity while receiving assistance on their account on EduOnline

The user will be required to pay in full amounts for any subscription to be able to enjoy relevant premium access

Once payment is made for subscriptions, the money paid for the relevant subscription packages is not refundable. In the event of account terminations and or suspensions, no refunds will be made

The contents (including but not limeted to Logos, Marks of Identity, Source Code, processes, revision material, technologies, designs, URLs, and Domain Names) found in this website is the property of EduOnline and thus are protected by current Kenyan Copyright Laws.

All forms of bullying and other activities that may constitute to acts of cybercrime are prohibited on this website. Users, accounts and owners of accounts that are found or relate to EduOnline will be responsible for such breach.

Users’ accounts or Users' access to EduOnline on the website or users’ can be terminated in case of abuses or at a user's discretion. EduOnline reserves the rights to suspend or terminate access to all or parts of any of the Website at any time without notice.

The user hereby agrees to indemnify EduOnline for any use of of the online resources and or website. The user commits to use this website only for lawful purposes. The user further agrees to indemnify EduOnline for any use of the website which might be thought, established or adjudicated to be unlawful.

Users accept that access and use of the EduOnline website, all the products and content is as per these Terms. Consequently, nothing in their use of the EduOnline website, all the products and content or these policies and terms gives them any right, to Our products except the limited right to use the EduOnline website, all the products and content as outlined in these Terms.

Unless otherwise expressly authorized by EduOnline through official communication, users or any other party agrees not to:

  • Copy, and or modify the content and products on this website
  • Conduct online malpractice through deep linking, altering the website and or any product and any other actions that may jeopardize the legitimacy of the EduOnline website.
  • Allow any other person or entity to engage in any of the above.
  • To post or transmit or to facilitate posting or transmitting of content that is threatening, harassing, pornographic, abusive, profane, libelous, offensive or infringes on the copyright or rights of other people.

These terms and policies, as updated and amended from time to time, including any and all documents, constitutes the entire agreement between EduOnline and its users with respect to their use of the EduOnline ebsites and all the products.

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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site.

The purpose is to enable the site to remember your preferences (such as user name, language, etc.) for a certain period of time.

That way, you do not have to re-enter them when browsing around the site during the same visit.

Cookie policy

To make this website and our applications work properly, we use cookies to enhance user experience, security and marketing. By visiting or using our applications you agree that you will be bound by our Terms.