About Us

About us

Who we are

Learnademy is a fully integrated online Learning Management System (LMS) providing easy and convenient learning solutions for educators, learners and parents with an aim of enhancing collaboration to achieve improved learning outcomes.

We provide innovative, inclusive, cost-effective and quality learning solutions. Our platform is safe, secure and easy to use on all devices.

Learnademy enables educators efficiently manage online learning for their learners. We ensure improved learning outcomes for learners through access quality and unlimited learning resources on our platform. We enable parent-child collaboration helping parents be part their children's learning cycles.

Use cases for our solutions are limitless. From school learning at all levels, corporate training, and learning at religious institutions to tutoring, we have a solution for you. With a single account, users access endless possibilities of online learning conveniently in the comfort of their gadgets


Why Choose us

We are continuously innovating to improve learning outcomes through our safe, secure and easy to use learning solutions


Our Mission

To support easy and convenient learning through innovative learning solutions


Our vision

To empower our users through learning by providing easy and convenient learning solutions


Our impact on Learning

Ease and Convenience

Our learning environment is safe, secure and easy to use on any device

Enhanced collaboration

Our innovative tools and solutions boost collaboration and efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency

Our all-in-one approach to the learning environment boosts efficiency

Improved outcomes

Improved learning outcomes through convenience, efficiency and collaboration


We are supporting the success of the Sustainable Development Goals through effective learning


Our Learning Management System helps educators generate their income. We also improve learning outcomes, increasing employability for users


Learnademy partners with educators in the healthcare sector to publish health-related courses that users access to promote good health and well-being


Our primary goal is to support education by providing tools and solutions to improve education delivery and learning outcomes for learners, parents, and educators


We support equal opportunities to access learning solutions by making it safe and easy for women and girls to learn from the comfort of their gadgets


We equip educators with efficient online working tools and help organizations improve workplace quality through corporate training modules e.g. workplace safety and mental well-being


Learnademy is an EdTech, keen on leveraging and adopting emerging technologies in our approach, e.g. Artificial Intelligence to make learning easy, convenient, and affordable


Our primary market is Kenya, a 3rd world economy. We are keen on developing solutions for the learning challenges in Kenya and other 3rd world economies


Our online learning approach helps reduce paper and writing material consumption and waste. For instance, our online notepad for learners reduces reliance on notebooks and pens


We are partnering with organizations in the climate action space to create related learning resources to improve knowledge availability and access for citizens


Learnademy is keen on creating and fostering partnerships with like-minded partners across the board to support and achieve shared success in our respective vision and mission

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