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Learnademy provides parents with hassle-free and convenient tools to help them collaborate with their children during the learning cycle, without missing a step of the journey! The detailed reports and insights we provide parents with help them make informed decisions regarding their child's learning progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learnademy is an online learning platform with unique solutions for both parents and learners.

Parents and learners can use advanced online learning tools on Learnademy to boost their learning experience and improve outcome.

Learnademy can be accessed on any device, using any browser of your choice.

Creating an account on Learnademy is easy and fast. Click here to create your account

Based on your requirements, you can either choose a parent's profile or a student's profile.

Learnademy gives parents convenient tools to manage child accounts, and get timely and detailed reports.

Learnademy gives learners access to tools that help them learn online including, course notes, self-marking assessments and a discussion board..

Learnademy has affordable and flexible subscription plans ranging from daily, 2-weeks, monthly, half-year to annual.

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Why Learnademy?

Our unique blend of creative and unique online learning solutions have positively impacted learners, parents and institutions. Our users are happy with the convenience, flexibility and security that comes with our platform.

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I found Learnademy to be very affordable and convenient. The subscription options are very flexible ranging from daily to annually.

Judith Mugure
Parent, Class 8 Child

Before my exams, I used to struggle with Maths and composition writing. With the many maths exams on Learnademy, I was able to do enough practice and read many composition examples.

Godwill Lemaiyan
2022 KCPE Candidate

With Learnademy, I am able to complete many quizzes and this system marks for me. It is easy to know answers to questions I failed.

Joseph Mwitura
Class 8 Learner

Sometimes I would get very busy with work. I was not able to track what my daughter studied in a day. Learnademy has made is easy through the detailed reports on my parent account.

Melisa Osodo

With Learnademy, I am able to access revision material at any time. It has many quizzes, revision papers, composition and Insha examples

Noelle Mwangi
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